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The Migala Report

The Migala Report was founded by Dan Migala and launched in October 2003 to create an educational and idea-sharing resource for sports executives pursuing revenue-generating concepts. Supported with an unprecedented editorial board comprised of senior-level executives from MLB, NBA, NCAA, NHL, NFL, Minor League Baseball and Minor League Hockey; The Migala Report quickly became a must-read for seasoned and young executives alike as it deeply explored the most topical subjects.

Within a few years, The Migala Report was featured at virtually every sports business gathering and even had the unique honor of having the FleetCenter renamed The Migala Report Center on February 13, 2005 for Boston Celtics game as a sign of its growing impact on the industry.

In 2014, The Migala Report’s commitment to give back grew once again as the publication became free to industry executives of all levels. Thanks to the generous support of industry sponsors; The Migala Report is poised for another decade of growth as the true caretaker of the sports business community.

The Website: The Migala Report

Dugout Wisdom
Life Lessons From Baseball

In Dugout Wisdom: Life Lessons From Baseball, author Dan Migala finds the heart in baseball, collecting and sharing words of wisdom from 55 greats of the game. These first person accounts of baseball's pivotal life moments feature noted players such as Sparky Anderson, Wade Boggs, Rod Carew, Whitey Ford, Goose Gossage, Monte Irvin, Kirby Puckett, Nolan Ryan, Ryne Sandberg, Ron Santo and Mike Schmidt.

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Great Sports Promotion Ideas

A collection of more than 500 of the best sports marketing ideas of all-time including ideas to increase ticket sales, entertain fans, satisfy current and prospective sponsors, raise brand awareness, increase media sales and grow online revenue.

Also included are promotional insights from baseball's master promoter, Mike Veeck, outlining a few of his promotional greatest hits...and misses.

Team Marketing Report's Great Sports Promotion Ideas

Interactive Sports Strategies

Interactive Sports Strategies is the ultimate resource for teams of all levels to develop Internet revenue-generating strategies. This easy-to-read reference will help teams of all levels to develop an online editorial plan, learn how to buy and sell online sports sponsorships and how to create a successful online ticket and merchandise strategy.

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Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal

Decade-long contributing columnist of bi-weekly "From the Field" editorial outlining effective strategies for both traditional and non-traditional revenue generation.

The Website: Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal


"The Migala Report is the premier sports business publication. Their topics and research each month are extraordinary. I think it is a learning experience every time you read the new issue."

John McDonough
Chicago Blackhawks

"The Migala Report has always proven to deliver the best industry insights in a timely fashion. Their impartial approach to identifying new trends, while keeping both the teams and sponsors goals in mind goes unmatched."

Mike Gordon
Chicago Wolves

"If you’re interested in discovering new ways to creatively generate revenue, this is your publication. The Migala Report continually uncovers innovative strategies that can work at any level."

Jane Kleinberger

"The Migala Report has always been a terrific resource for the American Hockey League. It has become a standard for sports marketing professionals across North America."

Chris Nikolis
VP of Sales/Marketing
American Hockey League